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Astropp Digital Content Service

The whole concept of marketing methods using computers and internet technologies is called "Digital Marketing".

In typical commercial companies, marketers are the people who leads digital marketing for their online promotions. On the other hands, IT managers and CIOs help marketers to implement new marketing technologies, or sometimes disagree with marketers' planning to stop the marketing-led projects. There are cases where they chose to be separated and go each way to do what they wanted to do.

In many organizations, there are invisible barrier between marketing team and IT group. Technology providers are mostly aware of the issue but hesitate to step up and break the barrier proactively.

The mission of Astropp is to "break the wall" between marketers and IT professionals in order to push up the level of the online activities. We deliver technology solutions to bridge the gap and be your consulting partner to reduce the barrier to find better way to engage between marketers and IT professionals.


- SEO & LPO Services (powered by BrightEdge) - Astropp SEOLPO

- Motional Presentation (powered by Prezi) - Astropp Presentation

- Digital Asset Management (powered by North Plains) - Astropp DAM

- Evolving E-Commerce Platform (powered by Commerble EC PaaS) - Astropp EC

Service available for your Japan office


Dynamic Presentation


Evolving E-Commerce

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