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SEO & LPO Service - BrightEdge

The world of SEO has ever been changing. "Black Hat SEO" method used to be the widely used technique which takes advantage of search engines' blind spots to increase traffic. For example, word farming to place number of keywords while hiding, duplicated contents and purchased backlinks buying to mechanically increase the number of backlinks.

The search engines saw these techniques and took them as spam. They crawl the websites worldwide and take appropriate actions including penalties.

Black Hat SEO is becoming a history. SEO managers are now required to implement "White Hat SEO" to correspond to those algorism changes of the search engines.
In this situation, automation of the SEO analysis is very important as opposed to manual centric handling of SEO planning and prioritization.

The challenge is how effectively and efficiently you can execute numerous number of White Hat SEO analysis and tasks.

- Priority planning
- Finding and tasks needed
- Managing tasks

- Review the result


Astropp uses BrightEdge SEO Platform to execute White Hat SEO and provide SEO & LPO service to fill the gap between manual operation and automated approach of SEO tasks.

Service available for your Japan office


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