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Dynamic Presentation - Prezi

When you think about presentation tool, you think about slide oriented tools like Microsoft PowerPoint or Apple Keynote.

There is no doubt that these tools provide great functionalities to create attractive presentations with images, movies and animations covered. 

They have become very popular since mid-90's being used by most of the companies, schools, and public agencies, as a result, there is commnunity of slide and file sharing eco-system worldwide.


On the other hand, just like other technology areas, there finally is a new wave of presentation tool. The new innovation is called Prezi, born in Europe and grew up in the USA since 2008. It frees up your mind from "slides" based presentation and provides much more creativity and imagination as opposed to traditional slide-by-slide presentation.

Prezi is a tool to organize your story dynamically and visually, and is used by more than 50 million people worldwide. It is used by many presentators at TED event and some speakers won award by their Prezi made presentations.

Astropp delivers creation of Prezi based motional presentation with astonishing high quality design in movie-like look & feel to be used for presentation on stage or as video clip on digital signage and events.

Dynamic Presentation

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