We are selling analog vinyl records as well as CD and DVD on line n Japan. Buyer needs to have postal address in Japan otherwise use purchasing agencies.

Nobuo Hara Collection

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An online shop where you can easily see the condition of second-hand Products.

Analog records are important cultural assets, we handle each one carefully.

ASTROTUNES' outstanding features

If you want to buy used analog records or CDs online, unlike buying them in a physical store, you can't actually touch them. Purchase decisions should be made based solely on information available online.
● At ASTROTUNES, we carefully check each sheet and describe the condition of each individual as accurately as possible.
● The media surface is carefully checked one by one with the naked eye using a special light that can see even the faintest scratches.
● We take as many pictures as possible and display them, so you can check what is included and the condition of each item, such as the condition of the jacket and inner contents.
● If necessary, we carefully clean and wash the surface of each disc, and remove any fingerprints or mold that can be removed before delivery.
● We add outer/inner bag for the 10 to 12 inch record if there is none.
● If there is a tear in the jacket or obi, and we see potential risk of aggravation, we will repair it as inconspicuously as possible to prevent it.

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