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We are selling analog vinyl records as well as CD and DVD on line n Japan. Buyer needs to have postal address in Japan otherwise use purchasing agencies.

Nobuo Hara Collection

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- Careful handling of used music media one by one:
Vinyl records and CDs are limited and valuable cultural assets. We handle each piece with the best care.  We carefully inspect the condition of the media and wash or clean it if necessary. If the inner and outer bags are missing, we will add them completely. If the sleeve or obi is damaged with a risk of deterioration, we will repair it in a discreet way. We do not use sellotape, but repair with paper material on the back side that cannot be seen from the front. We will deal with it on the assumption that the new owner will own it for a long time.

- Maximum respect for artists and creators:
The artists, backing musicians, staff, and others are passionately involved in the production of musical works. Respest for artiists is the important motto of ASTROTUNES. The artist's work, lifestyle, and thier thoughts are reflected in their works, which shake the listener's heart and has a great impact on our life. We mainly resell works that feel the significance of individual works for listeners, and do not do indiscminate, cheap mass distribution. The result is an online shop where you can find valuable products such as classics, rares, hidden gems, minor works, indies, and original country pressings from artists.

- Easy-to-understand with informativeness:
When buying used records and CDs online, unlike in a physical store, you can't touch and see the actual item. Purchasing decisions must be based solely on information available online. It is difficult to grasp the actual condition with the common status symbols such as E, VG, A, B, and C, and it is difficult to make an accurate prediction due to differences between sellers and inspectors. At ASTROTUNES, we carefully check each piece and describe the condition in as much detail as possible, accurately and in easy-to-understand sentences. The surface of the media is carefully checked one by one with eyes using a special light that can see even the faintest scratches. We also take as many photos as possible from various angles and display them on our web page, so we can provide a large amount of information such as what is inside the contents, the condition of the sleeve and liner, etc.

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