原信夫コレクション Nobuo Hara Collection

Nobuo Hara Owned Analog Vinyl Record On Sale






Japan's big band Jazz legend Nobuo Hara sadly passed away on June 21, 2021. Nobuo Hara, a treasure of the Japanese jazz world and respected and loved by everyone, will live forever in the memory of us music fans.
At ASTROTUNES, following the intention of Nobuo Hara's bereaved family, we will respectfully sell his collection of about 2,000 analog records, which he loved, on an exclusive consignment so that all Jazz fans can listen to them.
Sales will be on Yahoo! Auctions Japan and Yahoo!  Shopping Japan. On each site, text search for "原信夫Collection".
We are currently preparing for sales and will start selling in November. Please stay tuned.

販売に関して About Sales


The records that Nobuo Hara listened to is itself a valuable cultural assets. We will handle and deliver each piece carefully. There are scratches and stains on these used records. As for the fingerprints, thinking that they are the fingerprints of Mr. Hara, the jazz legend himself, makes me feel sad and dear. Unless the item is very dirty, we will not clean up for that thoughts. Most of the collections have no record inner plastic bag, in that case, we will add one. Many of the outer bags of records are old, but they are precious ones from the time Mr. Hara bought them directly (mainly YAMAHA/Nippon Gakki etc.), so I will send them as they are. At the time of sale on Yahoo! Auctions, we will post as many photos as possible, carefully inspecting the condition of the surface, jacket, obi, liner, etc., and posting the condition in writing. In order to handle items and sales procedures carefully, we will sell little by little rather than releasing a huge collection all at once. I would appreciate it if you could check it from time to time.