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Business Development in Japan


Entering into Japanese market is hard for IT venders.
It is because of the regulation to establish a registered
entity, finding right resources, business custom to deal
with Japanese partners, requirement of localization,
and many more reasons.

On the other hand, if you hire a full-time country
manager in Japan, it would cost 200-300K USD per
year for just the pay. Astropp will be able to act as your "country manager as a service" for only proportion of the cost.

Astropp will help you to start your business in Japan whether you intend to have a subsidiary from the beginning or start from selling with local distributors without legal entity registered.

We provide business development services by experienced experts who has done successful entry into Japanese market for foreign technology companies.


If it makes sense for the technology provider, not only the market entey, Astropp will be your initial distributor to kick start your sales in Japan.

Astropp LandJapan

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