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Digital Marketing

What does it mean by "CMS" for you?

- ASP Service to craft websites?

- Blog-like tool?

- Page maker software to patch contents?

- System to dynamically manage contents?

There are whole different kinds of CMSs around the world which spans from million-dollar priced software to twenty-dollar-per-month services.

There are many reports and articles about CMS from Gartner's Magic Quadrant to various informational sites for CMS.

Sitecore has been highly evaluated software by Gartner report and is loved by web masters of large enterprises worldwide as one of the hottest CMS.

It provides not only basic CMS functions but also many components to form DMP features such as access analytics, AB test, personalization and email campaign, and these functions works seamlessly and organically without difficult integration.

In general, realizing DMP costs so much while using many different software tools, expensive consulting and integration services. With Sitecore, it is very easy to implement the website, on which you can track and nurture visitors with the best customer experience. Sitecore based website can "grow up" step-by-step from simple websites to fully automated web marketing platform as the web masters' strategy grows.



Service available for your Japan site

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